Income inequality, as seen from space

A very interetsing post, think stats and GIS.
Income inequality, as seen from space
by Tim De Chant, 
May 24th 2012 
Last week, I wrote about how urban trees—or the lack thereof—can reveal income inequality. After writing that article, I was curious, could I actually see income inequality from space? It turned out to be easier than I expected.
Below are satellite images from Google Earth that show two neighborhoods from a selection of cities around the world. In case it isn't obvious, the first image is the less well-off neighborhood, the second the wealthier one. 
Rio de Janeiro

Zona Sul
West Oakland

Fourth Ward

River Oaks

Hyde Park

Boston metro area, Massachusetts
Ball Square, Somerville

West Cambridge
Your examples
Do you have other cities or neighborhoods in mind? I'd love to hear from you. Send me an email with photos or link to your blog post. In the next couple of weeks, I'll put together a follow up article that features your examples. 
Be sure to include the names of the cities and neighborhoods you're highlighting and if you'd like me to mention your name.
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