affordable options for obtaining SPSS

SPSS is a very expensive software and this makes student access to it a recurring problem. However, there are now some options.

First off, there are several SPSS packages with many add-on modules. The idea is that starting from a 'base,' consumers can expand the software to fit their needs. SPSS also offers Academic editions such as a 'Grad Pack' or a 'Faculty Pack' that vary in price. These packs also come in Base, Standard, or Premium versions. For most undergraduate introductory statistics courses the Base pack is all you'll need.

Both the Grad Pack and Faculty Pack (all editions) are significantly discounted from the commercial edition and may be rented from various places including
Keep in mind that the edition you are looking for is named IBM® SPSS® Statistics Base GradPack.

And as a final note, please note that sometimes you may come across a 'Student Version' that is really affordable on popular shopping sites such as Amazon, etc. I do NOT recommend this edition because it has many restrictions in terms of number of variables (limited to 50), number of cases (limited to 1500), as well as some other options. Although that may sound like a lot of cases and variables, it quickly becomes limited when you consider that the GSS has over 4000 cases and 100+ variables.